What the heck is this Domain Listings Notice? Spoiler alert....it's Spam!
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What the heck is this domains listing renewal? (spoiler alert… it’s spam!)

July 2, 2020

At least once a month, we receive an email from a web design client asking if they need to pay a bill from “Domain Listings”. The notice, which at a glance appears to be a legitimate renewal notice of some sort, may come via email or traditional mail.

This is just a crafty way to get you to pay a ridiculous amount of money for placement in their “directory”. It has nothing to do with domain renewal, website renewal, and provides zero value to your business.

Our advice…

Shred it and forget it!

If you look closely, there is even a disclaimer stating that it’s a solicitation and not a bill.

We have seen similar marketing attempts from “Simple Domain Host”, which also appears as a legitimate hosting renewal. The language creates a sense of urgency that action must be taken or you may lose your website.

Again, a disclaimer appears in the text, plainly stating that it’s a solicitation and not a bill. You can safely ignore these notices!


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